About Us

try these out Hello,  my name is Chris Nolasco and I am the owner of Amazon Rain.  I would like to take a few moments to tell you how Amazon Rain began as a company and where we are headed into the future.  Right after graduating from High School,  I set out for College to a receive a degree in a Aviation Mechanics.  I worked on Corporate jets for several years and this is where I really perfected my skill of attention to detail and quality of work.  Every task on a Jet has to performed with the highest level of repair because many people’s lives are at stake.  However, I’ve always had a childhood passion to work outside on landscape.  So,  I began my landscape career by working for a large landscaping company in the Dallas area.  Being the perfectionist that I am,  I believed that the projects within that company could have been completed with a higher degree of quality.    As the saying goes, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”  That is exactly what I did and opened the doors to Amazon Rain.   We began day one by providing high quality craftsmanship with good ole fashioned customer service.  In return I found Amazon growing quickly by leaps and bounds which I had always invisioned for the future of my company.  I really enjoyed working with my employees on all of our projects.  I would not only design and write up estimates, but I also physically worked on all landscape, stone work, pond, and lighting installations.  As time went on and Amazon Rain grew as a company,  I found myself more in the office doing paper work, rather than working outside with my hands which I have always loved doing.  Throughout the next year I found myself to be more unhappy than ever.  I really did miss the one on one interaction with my clients and designing their projects together.   I did some soul searching and came to realize that having a large company did not best fit me, since it keep me from the personalized service with clients.   Over the next year we began to slowly down size the company to the point at where we are.  I have been told that we look like a franchise on more than one occasion, but in fact we are actually a very small owner operated company and that is exactly where we would like to keep it!  I am the person who answers all phone calls, designs all projects, and installs all projects with our small team of highly qualified craftsmen. We may not be looking to grow in staff as a company, but we are always looking to build working relationships with clients that truly value quality workmanship.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us as a company and hope you will consider Amazon Rain for your future projects!