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Properly installed landscape starts with a healthy organic soil base and that is why soil is our primary focus on all landscape projects. The right soil mixture is essential to protecting your landscape investment and to ensure that your plants only continue to grow in beauty in the years to come. Secondly, without the proper sprinkler system, most plants do not have a chance with the harsh Texas summers. We place close attention to each variety of plants watering needs. Weather it is more or less water for each plant within the same flower bed. Last of all is plant selection which is the most enjoyable part of the landscape process. We will walk with you through your yard and design your landscape together.

Landscape Design

We feel like what sets us apart from most, is in the approach to your landscape design with constant feed back from the client. During our initial meeting, we have a portable computer that we are able to take out into your lawn and show you pictures of the plants that would be great choices for your landscape. All of our landscape designs begin with selecting the anchor plants. These include larger plant species that are usually placed towards the far corners, centers, and/or, entry of all landscape beds. Perfect examples of anchor plants would be Japanese Maples, Oakland Hollys, Crape Myrtles, and so on. However, another great way to add that “Wow Factor” would be to add large scale flower pots at front door entries and other strategically placed areas. After selecting the anchor plants, we would procede to selecting the filler shrubs. These shrubs fill in the gaps between the anchor plants and create a contrasting back drop of color and texture. The last step in our landscape design process is to select the perennial and annual flowers. This is the step in landscape were we are able to add a great amount of color and make your lawn unique from others. While most clients give us their opinions throughout the landscape design process, we would be more than happy to design your landscape entirely with our recommendations if you choose so.

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General landscape plants prefer a balanced pH, as these plants absorb the nutrients at hand much more efficiently when in a neutral environment. The Dallas area clay-based soil generally has a pH level of 8.4, which is considered to be very alkaline. The elevated pH level prevents the plants from efficiently up-taking the nutrients. All too common issues associated with high pH include yellowing leaves, stunting, or even plant death. In order to make all the nutrients available to your plants, for accelerated, healthy and vibrant growth; we exchange the native clay like soil with an organic and nutrient rich soil mixture. This premium soil mix is pH balanced and nearly all plants thrive in a neutral pH environment, which allows them to absorb the available nutrients more efficiently.


Proper sprinkler coverage is just as important or if not more important than any other element in a successful landscape installation. We all understand that the Texas climate is pretty harsh in the summer months and that is why it is critical that your sprinkler system is operating at 100% efficiency. A successful sprinkler system consist of the flower beds being zoned independently from the lawn, overlapping water coverage, and correct watering duration for each zoned area. During our landscape design process we will evaluate your sprinkler system coverage and discuss any water coverage issues that may affect your upcoming landscape project.